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LOOM ART by Malgorzata Phantaros

The first collection of handmade clutch bags and unique ladies handbags designed and crafted by LOOM ART / Malgorzata Phantaros is inspired by the folk art of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. LOOM ART bags are crafted using textiles which are hand-woven on a traditional Cypriot loom. These are subsequently combined with natural goat or calf leather and sewn with care, adding cotton lining inside. Depending on each individual model, the bags are equipped with detachable chain straps or a leather handle.

Furthermore, Malgorzata's artistic work in textile includes unique, one-of-a-kind, hand woven tapestries or textile installations. Using selected natural fibres (wool, flax) - often dyed to the required tone by herself - she unfolds stories of landscapes, imaging not just spaces, but expressions of the inner self as well. Applique techniques, batic or various imprinting techniques and also artificial fibres are likewise used to create these contemporary textile artworks.

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